Engine - Unity
Genre - Casino
Platforms - Web GL / Android / iOS
Time On Project - 10 Months
Team Size - 1
Roles - Lead Developer

Gift Surplus Slot Games are entertaining and engaging casino games part of the GS.Social website.

  • Engine: Solo developed multiple slot game titles. 3 - Reel Lucky Slots, Tiki Slots, and Candy Slots, 5 - Reel Lucky Slots, and 3 - Reel Permanent Tournament Magic Slots. Wrote the backend cloudscript and PHP for the API calls between PlayFab and the Gift Surplus database. Led the live-ops of all slot games. Optimized the size and performance of all slot games for Web GL.
  • Gameplay: Designed and developed mini-games for the Candy Slots title. Implemented new art themes. 
  • Tools:  Created modular tools to quickly re-theme slot games with new art. Created modular tools for managing multiple game mode code bases within the same project. Created a modular tool for downloading and implementing all the art assets at runtime from a server to reduce the game size and initial load times.