Elan Gleiber is CEO and Lead Developer at oddByte LLC.

Elan graduated with BAs in Media & Information and Music from Michigan State University (MSU) where he trained in Video Game Design and Development. During his time at MSU, he was employed at the Games for Entertainment and Learning Lab (GEL) where he was a project lead and game designer. While in school he worked on over 10 different games with 6 from concept to completion. These games have ranged widely in platform and genre and have received multiple awards and acknowledgements.

Upon graduating, Elan founded oddByte LLC along with some fellow graduates from MSU. They spent a year and a half finishing development and releasing Rogues Like Us, a Hack nā€™ Slash rogue-lite game they had started while still students at MSU. During this year and a half, Rogues Like Us was a two time finalist at the Seattle Indie Game Competition and official selection at the Seattle Indies Expo, GDEX, and SIGGRAPH Indies with Intel.

Soon after founding oddByte, Elan also joined Hashbang Games LLC, and quickly rose to a lead developer position. His work at Hashbang focused on rapid prototyping for client contract games as well as systems design, development, and optimization on all titles. He has worked on over 8 games spanning many genres, platforms, and tech.