Engine - Unity
Genre - Action / Rogue-like
Platforms - PC / MAC
Development Time - 2 Years
Team Size - 6
Roles - Project Lead, Lead Designer, Systems Designer, Programmer
Awards - Seattle Indie Game Competition 2016 + 2017 (Finalist), Official Selection at Seattle Indies Expo 2016, SIGGRAPH 2016 Indies with Intel, and GDEX 2016

Rogues Like Us combines hack ‘n slash combat with rogue-lite dungeon crawling into a fast-paced adventure full of monsters, mayhem, and endless loot!

  • Management: Led the management of the game at all levels. Monitoring the team, delegating tasks, and making sure we met milestones on-time.

  • Engine: Designed and developed all data-driven systems in the game. Major systems include: Random dungeon generation, random weapon creation, random enemy creation, player progression, world progression, data saving, data decryption/encryption, and audio management.

  • Gameplay: Designed and developed player abilities and enemy variations. Led the design of multiple bosses including the Builder Boss, Die Boss, and Spawner boss.

  • Tools: Wrote unit tests for optimal Dungeon Generation creations. Created a modular node-based tool for artists to add new weapons and armor to be used in the game immediately. Created a tool for properly creating, managing, and disposing of pooled assets at runtime for optimization purposes. Created a tool for combining meshes at runtime for optimization purposes. Created a pipeline for exporting new builds to Steam.

  • Marketing: Successfully led a Kickstarter campaign for the game.