Engine - Unity
Genre - Action / VR
Platforms - Oculus / HTC Vive / Steam VR
Development Time - 2.5 Weeks
Team Size - 1
Roles - All

Strange Magic is a Spell-casting VR/Multiplayer Demo based off of Mage Guard: The Last Grimoire. Choose from 3 mage classes and defeat your opponents in intense 3v3 combat.

  • Sole developer on the demo. Completed in 2.5 weeks for showing at Hashbang Games' booth during E3 using art assets from Mage Guard: The Last Grimoire.
  • Spell casting detection in 3D space using a trained Neural Network.
  • Networked using Spatial OS, a new cloud based networking platform.
  • Utilized VRIK to transfer player motion in VR to an animated rig.
  • Utilized hand-relative directional joystick movement to eliminate motion sickness.
  • Designed and created a 3v3 Multiplayer Battle Arena environment.